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Supply Chain Solutions

What We Do

Authenticity, reliability, and integrity are the fundamental elements that drive Foxtec. Supply chain management is a complex process and sourcing authentic, hard to find, end of life and obsolete products under strict lead time requirements can be an extremely daunting task.

With an advanced infrastructure built on a global scale, Foxtec is the industry leader in market
intelligence, international logistics support and quality control. Authentic IT components, priced right and delivered on time is the Foxtec Advantage.


  • Real-time price monitoring for overall cost reduction

  • Providing market intelligence regarding hard to find or obsolete components and Last Time Buys

  • Global monitoring for excess supply or market shortages

  • Hassle-free inventory management

Life Cycle Management

We’ll let you know if and when your current components are approaching obsolescence, and we’ll come up with a plan to keep your operations going with little to no interruptions.

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Global Procurement

  • Our global network of partners ensures every corner of the world is sourced for components. This network, coupled with our rigid logistics infrastructure, can help lower your operational costs and expedite lead times.


Obsolete / Hard to Find

We’ll do the hard work for you. Our experts will scour the international markets for top quality authentic replacements for your obsolete components.

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Surplus Inventory

  • We’ll help manage your inventory through a Revenue Share Program or a One-Time Buy Solution, both of which provide you with maximum value recovery in the current markets.

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When you are looking for a single, trusted source for your supply chain needs, Foxtec is the company to turn to.