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Supply Chain Solutions

Foxtec Corp. understands the complexity of supply chains and the process of coordinating and moving products and materials across time zones, cultures and languages – all while maintaining tight delivery deadlines, managing just-in-time deliveries and optimizing supply chain performance. We have spent years in the field managing supply-chain operations for customers in the technology industry so we understand that no two solutions are ever the same.

Our experience, our comprehensive service portfolio and our advanced I.T. and software architecture uniquely positions us to be a global provider of end-to-end supply solutions for a variety of companies through a network of worldwide distribution facilities and transportation methods. We speed up the delivery times while improving organizational metrics through our global network of distribution hubs which makes moving products across borders as seamless as moving products down the street.

When you are looking for a single, trusted source for your supply chain needs, Foxtec is the company to turn to.


  • Eliminates the need for storage space for inventory
  • Eliminates carrying costs of inventory
  • Frees up working capital which enables your organization to reinvest money into immediate revenue generating activities
  • Receive products on-time per your schedule.

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