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Storage Products

For the last 22 years, Foxtec Corp. has been a storage-centric company focused on providing a wide range of storage products in support of their client’s various needs and applications. Foxtec remains committed to being a strong player in the storage market. Please read more about our Storage offerings.

CPU’s and MPU’s

As an independent distributor of CPU’s, Foxtec Corp. utilizes established relationships with suppliers worldwide as well as proprietary systems/methodologies to ensure clients have access to the most options and, ultimately, the most competitive solutions for their CPU needs. Please read more about our CPU/MPU offerings.

Semi/ IC's/ Memory

As an Independent Distributor, Foxtec Corp. offers a wide variety of integrated components, semiconductors and memory-related products through its established worldwide network and supply chain of OEM’s, wholesalers and suppliers. Please read more about our Semi/IC's/Memory offerings.


Foxtec specializes in LCD panels, LCD kits, and custom display solutions. Whether you need designs for an upcoming project or simply need a solution to retrofit an existing application, Foxtec can help. Please read more about our Display offerings.

Testing and Repairs

Foxtec Corp. has invested significant resources in establishing cutting edge and industry standard testing and repair capabilities to ensure we maintain our advantage as an Asset Recovery Specialist and a leading supplier of spare parts and systems back into the Secondary I.T. marketplace through our quality and pricing structures. Please read more about our Testing and Repairs services.

Electronic Recycling

Foxtec Corp. maintains a commitment to environmental responsibility. Below is a list if processes and procedures that we have implemented to ensure we are doing our job to make sure materials are responsibly handled, effectively tested/repaired and efficiently recycled in a green, earth friendly manner. Please read more about our Electronic Recycling services.

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