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Asset Recovery

Foxtec Corp. understands that technology moves quickly and that for many companies it’s important to stay current with their internal and external systems and network architectures. We also understand that technology is expensive, and companies need strategies in place to help offset the cost of new infrastructure by selling off the products they are replacing.

Foxtec addresses this need through its Responsible Recovery Program. Through this program, Foxtec provides the foundation for a sustainable eco-friendly asset strategy which maximizes the return on refreshed components through remarketing, reselling and (if needed) recycling of your I.T. equipment.

We take the hard work and guesswork out of managing an organization’s digital infrastructure, and we offer a system that is traceable, sustainable and, most importantly, profitable for the client.

This Responsible Recovery Program serves 3 main functions:

  1. Extends the life of I.T components
  2. Recovers maximum value for these components
  3. Utilizes responsibly recycling practices

Return on Investment

When equipment is received into our warehouse, we track all units through a barcode system which is immediately recorded and saved in our database. We track the following pieces of data:
  • Asset Category
  • Manufacture
  • Part Number
  • Serial Number
  • Configuration (if applicable)

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